Ansari Cashmere celebrates the skills of the Nomadic Shepherds of Ladakh and the Craftsmen of the Kashmir Valley, specialists of the rare and precious fiber of Pashmina.

Our family collaborates closely with two workshops located in the city of Srinagar, in Indian Kashmir.

Women and men who passionately perpetuate the tradition of their ancestors.

Eager to contribute to the safeguarding of this precious heritage, Mr Ansari (textile engineer native of New Delhi) and his wife Sarah, founded in November 2013 Ansari Cachemire in the 2nd district of Lyon (France).


In September 2017 Ansari Cachemire receives accreditation from "The Aspen Institute Alliance", a non-profit organization sponsored by Hillary Clinton, which works for the development of craft companies around the world.

In June 2018 Ansari Cachemire decides to provide regular financial support for the schooling of the children in Ladakh. Thus, through the association "France Himalaya Tiers Monde", it participates in financing the fees of the Lamdon Jamyang School, inaugurated in Khalsi (Ladakh) by the Dalai Lama in 2010.

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