In June 2018 Ansari Cashmere alongside the Association

France Himalaya Tiers Monde

commits to sponsor the Lamdon Jamyang Primary School of Khaltsi in Ladakh (India)

allowing children from families living in isolated villages of Ladakh

to access education.

The private school of Khalsi opened its doors in 2010 with a total of 32 students,

today their number has risen to 175.

The school functions thanks to the efforts of the younger generation of the

Buddhist Association of Ladakh (Sham section).


The main structure is made of cement, the windows are seismic.

Currently only children from nearby Khaltsi can attend class, some after a two-hour drive.

Aware of the importance of providing education for their children,

many Ladakhi families wish their children to join the school, a boarding school has become indispensable, its construction is underway.

The building will have a total of 15 additional rooms, including several classrooms, a boarding school,

a refectory with kitchen, a meeting room and a recreation room equipped with reading corner and play area for the well-being of children.

Every year the Association provides free meals to the 175 children enrolled.

France Himalaya Tiers Monde

fund for children in need