Crédit Photo Omendra Singh 


Airy lightness and unequaled finesse Pahm fiber is carefully harvested by hand by the nomadic shepherds of Ladakh

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Crédit Photo Rajeev Rajagopalan

Chang-pa & Changthangi

For centuries the Changthangi goat or Tibetan goat is reared by nomadic shepherds Changpa.

Of Buddhist confession, they firmly believe in the sacred origin of their herds and live to the rhythm of their livestock and the nature that surrounds them.

Pashmina Fiber

All Pashmina is Cashmere but all Cashmere is not Pashmina!

In order to survive the extreme weather conditions that hit the Himalayas, the Changthangi goat develops under its winter coat a fleece of rare finesse.

This down, called Pashm by locals, allows animals to survive.

The ultra-fine natural fiber of Pashmina

is the finest cashmere variety in the world

Kani Weaving

The most complex weaving technique of all India has its origins in the small village of Kanihama, in Indian Kashmir.
The weavers of Pashmina are the only ones to hold the secrets.
The making of a Kani Shawl can take from a few months to several years.